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ڈالر کے ساتھ 1000$ ڈالر کے ساتھ
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انسٹافاریکس کی جانب سے
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Thread: what is mql program

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    Hello my friend
    thank you very much my friend for posting this topic
    and I'm very happy to be here between you in this fantastic forum
    finally i hope to you and to all members all my best wishes

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    mery khayal main mql4 aur mql5 1hi chez hy 1 mt4 main aur dosra mt5 main to iska name mql hi hona chahay bas aur is k zarey ham apny mt4 ya mt5 main apni mazi k indicators aur exqert shamil kr skty hain signel aur markeet ko samajhny kelay wh aap k oper is ko kaisy use krty ho

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