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Thread: Key Factors Influencing Forex Prices (Part 1)

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    mery dost keys factor like news our us main bhe jo high impact ki news hoti hain un say zieada effect market k oper our khas toor pay jes country say related hota hai us k oper kafi effect parta hai

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    yes aap ne sahi kaha ye post kaafi informative hai is ko appropriate kia jaana chaye aor ham sab ko bhi chaye k is forum pe informative posts kare taa k new logo ki maloomaat main izaafa ho

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pakpips View Post
    mery dost keys factor like news our us main bhe jo high impact ki news hoti hain un say zieada effect market k oper our khas toor pay jes country say related hota hai us k oper kafi effect parta hai
    ge bhai trading mein news ke high impact ko smjhna hota he aur news market pr boht asr krte hien es lie trader ko chahe keh woh hr country ke news updates jo forex market se related hote hien un ko dekha krein aur trader market mein ane wale news ke effect ko smjh kr apne trading forex mein krein phr trader ko sahih trading se faida hasil hota he

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    apne is me her cheez ko bht axha explain kia he ke jo log is cheez ko ziada na bhi jantay ho wo easily isko smjh sakay

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    Well done bhaijaan Apne bhavathi informative post ki hai aur knowledgeable post ki hai aapko iska achha Khasa award Milna chahiye aur Mai sabse Guzaarish karta hoon ke sare bhai ISI Tarah Achi Achi post kare

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoaibphc View Post
    There are numerous factors affecting Forex prices ..
    1. Economy
    Value of a Currency of any country highly depends on its economy . Growing economy is foundation of stable currency , in economy there are several indicators which you can use to predict economy and and Forex price movement. which include
    -->GDP: it measures the growth and production of a country, higher rate then previous lead to bullish for that currency pair
    -->PPP: Purchasing power parity measure the comparative power of a country to purchase the goods. higher ppi is taken as bullish, and lower as bearish.
    -->Interest Rates: it is the back bone of economy as it influence nearly everything in a country, inflation and deflation can also be caused by interest rates.
    -->Employment Rate: High employment rate means country is prospering and indicator of future growth. good employment rate leads to more investments.and hence lead to healthy economy
    -->Consumer Spending: spending of public in a country indicates what there people are thinking about there economy , low spending means people are saving more then spending because they think economy is going downside.

    You must Watch Economic Calendar to grip these factors and correctly predict the price movements.
    Dear aapne complete detail btaai hay k kon sy factors mulk ke econmy ko affect kar rahy hoty hain aur usko mazboot bana rahy hoty hain. Currency value change hony ka daro madaar bhe mulk ke econmy par hota hay. Aur behtar esi main hay k stable econmy waly mulk ke currency pe he trading ke jaay.

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