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Thread: Bonus for post is Blank Why?

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    Bonus for post is Blank Why?

    i have been posting since 2 days some are approved as well which i can know by green sign on he post but i can not see any post history of and thing related that to show me that i did some work i already added Forex account as well under attache account tab all blank nothing else.. i am new user i start posting before 2 days..

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    Ap jo post krty hy ya ap ki bhot hi mhnat hoti hy ap is oosting ki waja sy phr buanss banty hy to us sy ap kam kr sgty hy us sy ap ko bprofit hota hy our ap us sy bhot zeada profit bna k aony sary kam kr sgty hy pr is k liya achi achi posting krni parhti hy our ap ahi sahi post kro gy to phr ap ki post aprove ho jaye gi

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