View Full Version : How do I tame Chalicotherium in ARK?

30-06-2021, 02:15 PM
One, To tame Chalicotherium need a beer or white berries are required, but the efficiency of white berries is very low, so it is not recommended to use them. You can buy ARK Dinos to improve efficiency. Beer requires us to use wine barrels, brewed with berries and thatch, and then use glass bottles to pack it.

Two, Although the Chalicotherium is peacefully tamed, it has a strong sense of territory, and you will be attacked when you get close to it. So we'd better prepare a set of auspicious clothes, and then put the draft beer at position 0.

Three, After that we approached the Chalicotherium, press E to feed, quickly evacuate, and then repeat this operation until the Chalicotherium is tamed.

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