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Mauzo: free gold trading signals and sell from 1328

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    free gold trading signals and sell from 1328

    free gold trading signals and sell from 1328

    Gold is expected to fall from the 1328 level after gold stopped this week to pick up a breath

    The price of gold fell rapidly and sharply during last week's trading from 1346 to 1321
    Gold then stopped falling and started forming a retracement move that is expected to end with the price of gold falling
    For this we offer a free gold trading signals to sell gold free
    SELL @ 1328
    TP @ 1318
    SL @ 1333
    free gold trading signals explain
    It is preferable to sell gold from the level of 1328 targeting the level of 1318 for profit taking with stop loss at 1333
    Gold Technical Analysis and free gold trading signals
    During the decline of gold from the level of 1346 formed the first wave of the bearish measured move pattern of the bear and during the circulation of gold cross-shaped wave form of the form
    And it is expected that gold will resume its decline and form the last bearish wave of the bearish measured move pattern
    The price of gold formed a set of bearish candlesticks on the hourly chart, known as the Bearish engulfing Candle
    gold trading signals daily and gold technical analysis and trading wave on www.gold-pattern.com/en

  2. Es mufeed post ke liye evapattern ko mandarja zail Sarif ka shukriya

    Hamza770 (10-16-2019)

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