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Mauzo: Maximum back pattern

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    Maximum back pattern

    Maximum back pattern
    Triple Top Reversal, graphic bar, line charts and backlinks found in chandeliers. There are three equal heights, after the rest period. As models of major changes, these models are usually completed within 3 to 6 months. Note that the triple bar or line diagram is a completely different rotation in a P & F diagram. We will look at the individual aspects of the Model and then examine an example.
    The previous trend: in any change model, there should be an inverse tendency. In the case of Maximum Reversal, an increase must be created.

    Three Highs: all three highs must be reasonable, well-spaced and mark the turning point lightweight to establish resistance. The slopes do not have to be the same, but they should be equivalent to each other.

    Volume: As the maximum reverse rotation is developed, the volume levels are generally decreased. Volume is sometimes increased. After the third altitude, the volume expansion in subsequent decreases and sharpening strengthens the strength of the model.

    Help Break: As with other reverse models, the Triple Top Reversal does not break the full support. The lowest formation point, which would be regularly the smallest period, marks this level of support.

    Help Resistance Resist: Broken support becomes a potential endurance, and sometimes there is a test of this final reaction with a subsequent reaction rally.

    Price Objective: The height between the support step and the distance can be measured and removed from support breakdown to a price purpose. The longer the model develops, the more significant the last step will be. The reverse main trios with 6 months or more are the main players and a less effective target price.

    During Triple Top Reversal's development, it can resemble other models. Before the high third, the pattern is similar to the reverse. The same three levels can also be found in a triangle or rectangle above. Among these models, only the ascending triangle has large bodies; others are neutral until they are broken. In the same vein, the Triple Overseas variant should be treated as a neutral until a breakdown occurs. The inability to break the resistance above is bearish, but bears do not win the fight until they break the aid. The volume of last decay resistance may sometimes be considered. If the volume and momentum rise, the chances of a little help will increase.

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