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Mauzo: Earn $50 to $500 daily with my secret strategy!

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    Earn $50 to $500 daily with my secret strategy!

    If you want to earn big money then you will have to start the way I am telling you.

    1. Register for a free account here:
    2. You will get a free demo account.
    3. Then once you open your account follow these steps. ( these only work on this site not anywhere else and I have my real account with them and no problem with money withdraws at all.

    i) Select Eur/Usd currency pair
    ii) Go to instaforex.com and check how many people are buying or selling the pair ( below the page you can see the % of buy and sell)
    iii) If buy is more than 50% then go back to your account and select HIGHER. If sell is more than 50% select LOWER.
    iv) Select $1 for small account( less than $100) and $5 (for accounts more than $100). This will be your investment.
    v) Then press BUY. and wait.
    vi) DO NOT change any other setting not even the time it is by default 2 minutes already set for our strategy.
    vi) Once the time is up look at the rate of the currency at expire if you are in profit then repeat step (ii). If you are in loss then go to step (vii) below:
    vii) Put $2 this time and repeat the whole process again. every time you win you repeat step (ii) and when you lose you put the amount of money i have stated below:

    FOR small accounts(less than $100)

    FOR large accounts (more than $100)

    The fourth or fifth is always 100% profit so you will make lots of profit this way. But do not be greedy and stop trading once you make $50 to $500 a day. Best to start with small investment like $1 and grow gradually. If you need my help add my skype id: and trade over my shoulders with me 30 minutes daily and earn 100% profit. I will add a video of the above soon.
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