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Mauzo: How to Add Technical Indicators on Your Forex EA PART7

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    How to Add Technical Indicators on Your Forex EA PART7

    timeframe refers to the chart time frame (or you can input 0 to apply it on the current time frame),

    ma_period sets the number of bars used in the moving average calculation (50 or 10 in this example),

    ma_shift specifies any offset or delay in the moving average (none or 0 in this case),

    ma_method determines if its a simple (MODE_SMA), exponential (MODE_EMA), or linear-weighed (MODE_LWMA) moving average,


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    main to itna janta ho hon jo bhi aap ky pas indicator ho aap us ko copy krain aur mt4 main ja kr fale main jain datafolder main jain us k bad mql dhondhain aur us main indicator ka folder ho ga us main ja k past krain aur mt4 ko restart krain add ho jay ga

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    indicator ad karna mushkil nahee hai just nvaigator pan main se indicator select kar k us ko click karna hota hai aor us ki properties select karna hoti hain

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