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Mauzo: Key Factors Influencing Forex Prices (Part 2)

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    Forex trading 1 professional level ka online trading business hai or time k sath,sath ye business mazeed popular b ho rha hai or log si business say benefits b hasil rhay hai Profitable or successful trading krnay ka key level learning or knowledge hai or agr inki base pr trading ki jaye to yakeenan trader profitable trading krnay mai kamyab ho skta hai or trading say benefits hasil kr skta hai.

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    Dear friends assalamualaikum trading main influence ka samna bhi krna parta hy ksi bhi country k economy same ni rehti kabhi profit or kabbi loss earth quack or falood ki waja sy market value decrease ho jate hy us time agr trading k jay to loss ber krna prta hy

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    Asslam o alikum..!
    har business m har kam m profit or lose dono hoty hain aesy he forex b aik hmra kam ha jis ki waja se hm earning krty ha is m b kai aesy utar charhao aty ha kbi iski price m azafa hojata ha jis ki waja se hmri payment m azafa hojata or kbi iski payment m lose hony lgta jis ki waja se hmy b lose hota is moqa par hmy naumeed ni hona chye bs umeed rakhni chye achy kam ki, Allah sb behtr krta ha

  5. Es mufeed post ke liye Haseeb11 ko mandarja zail Sarif ka shukriya

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    yes you are right brother there is many factors who decide currency rates go up or down of that country always political problems also give problem to that country currency you can see a example of american dollar now in trouble because of political destabilization and government is shut down and currency is down from the end of 2018.

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    Re: Key Factors Influencing Forex Prices (Part 2)

    bahut hi acchi baat kahi Hai sar main aapki baat se agri bhi Hoon aur is Baat par Amal bhi karunga kyunki aap ne apna experience share kiya hai aur experience par Ham new member Amal karke kamyab ho sakte hain aur aisi information aur achchi post se fayda uthana chahie kyon ki senior members ki Baat par Amal karke hi kamyabi milti hai

  8. Es mufeed post ke liye zs22 ko mandarja zail Sarif ka shukriya

    Zain640 (08-21-2019)

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    Re: Key Factors Influencing Forex Prices (Part 2)

    Quote Originally Posted by shoaibphc View Post
    After economics factors there are some other factors which also influence exchange rates that are:
    Government Policies:
    Government policies are created and implemented to encourage prevailing economic conditions during a positive trend and to correct the imbalance if the economy is not doing well. there are two types of policies 1, Fiscal Policy 2, Monetary Policy ( these will discussed in other post), policies effect the price both by positive way and negative way

    Natural Factors:
    A natural disaster like floods, in a country will have a negative impact on its currency value. The flow of money within the countys boundaries is restricted severely under adverse circumstances like these.

    Political Destabilization:
    Politial factors are one of the pillars of economy , favorable political conditions attract new investment and result in increase in currency, however just like in PAKISTAN political factors change dramatically , those countries currency do no prosper and didn't attract new investment.

    Demand and Supply:
    Higher demand of currency makes it stronger and higher supply makes it weaker.
    Forex trading market per bahut Sare factors affect Karte Hain aur bahut Sare factors To Aise hote hain jaise ka market per bahut hi jyada effect ho jata hai for example agar USA mein koi natural disaster hota hai to uska Forex trading market per bahut jyada effect hota hai Kyunki Agar natural disaster bahut bada ho to us ki economy week Hoti Hai jisse dollar bhi week Hona shuru ho jata hai

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