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Mauzo: Nzd/usd

Mauzo: Nzd/usd

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    Yeh Tow mai aaap KO Is k bare mai itnaw batasakta huN K Mujhey sirf itnaw pata hai K Yeh Ik Currency pair hai lakin Yeh nahi pata k Value kese change hoti hai Up and down ka q k mai eur.usd or gbp.usd pai zada trade karta hun bakioo pai itnaw nahi karataw

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    Lakin jahaan tak suna hai tow yeh Currecy Pair b Achaw hai OR Zada tar log jo K Eur.USD Use Kartey hain Wo B Yeh Wala Currency pair trading k liye bohat zada use kartey hain and best currency pair hai yeh bbb..

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    NZD/USD is hafte neutral rahi magar jab hafte ki shurwat hui tab bullish trend k asar lagre thay magar phir pull back hua aur ab 0.6622 level pay khari ha magar abhe hum ise trend nahi keh sakte to ane wala week boht zaroori ha kiu k ise hume pakka trend ka pata chale ga.

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    Pakistan forex forum ky rules ka humashia khial rakna chaye warna account bund ho sakta,sahi kam karny waly log he forex trading business main kamyab hoty hay.

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    abhi nzd down hi lagta hain may ne measureent trend line se ki hain

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    The opening day price for the NZDUSD was above the primary Pivot of the last day on 0.6666 which increase the chance of upward direction currently today. In agreement with the cross movements the fast MA20 settles below the slow 48MA to perform a shape of bearish trend on the long expression. however the price rates remains above the streak of the tendency magic indicator to growing the scope of the upward trend for the moment. finally all of the aboce leads us to think about being at upward pattern and the price should not able to break the support level that you can see on 0.6621 and the price targeted could be at the area of 0.6715 then the price 0.6755 on a row for short term buy orders you may still keeping

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    It looks that we are lining a downward movement as you can easily draw a price channel on the chart of the NZDUSD and by looking to the chart attached you can see the current position of the price just near the upper channel limit to drive us directly to think about being at a suitable sell location to watch the price heading towards the target of 0.6625 close to that StepMA meter keeps display a signal of the indicator which agrees with the main direction and encourage us to start a long entrance for all the day . plus The set of stochastics looks like that it mention an oversold because most of the lines landed nearby the low major of 20 to indicate a clear signs about some weakness for the downward direction or a setup of new upward direction to be set.


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    NZD/USD pair is hafte neutral rahi magar kal k din bullish trend shuru hota hua dikhrah tha magar pressure itna zada tha k koi saaf trend nahi ban saka aur wapis neutral trend jari ha jo shayad agle hafte bhe jari reh sakta ha koi saaf movement nhi hone ki waja se.

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    The daily pair opening for the NZDUSD overcomes for the current day to be below the general turning point of pivot at 0.663 that could prompt a downward heading at the present market situation. In concurrence with the cross of movings the quick MA20 settles below the 48MA slow one which is a good signal for a bearish index for a considerable long period of time. As the price carry on moving below the scale of the trend magic pointer that adds more strength for the downward index for the time being. As stated in this analysis that price could flow downward direction that to remain have to never breack the resistance level around the price 0.666 and the price targeted could be at the area of 0.6565 and followed by the price 0.6525 for intraday sell positions entries

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    g bhai ap ne bilkul thik kaha hai. hamme chahiye k fundamental analysis karein, technical analysis karen or market sentiments check karen taa k future me successful trader ban saken. asal mei hum forex trading ko jitna easy samajhte hain ye utni easy nahi hai, hamme achi khasi mehnat karni parti hai is pe.

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