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Mauzo: indicator k options

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    step by step bht acha btaya hai detail mai btay ha aap ny indicator ky options . mai yhi kaho ga hrr new user or hrr old jiss ko yhh sbb maloom nhi wo idcator ki setting ko used kry . iss step by step posting ko dekh kr .

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    What is the best way to become good at trading?

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    new member's ka lia ka kafi zada help ful hay yeh post lkn bhot si Forex company na meta traders update kar diya hay phela hum indicator ka folder ma copy kar ka paste karta th to indicator easily show ho jata th meta trader ma lkn abb asa nah hay. jab sa meta trader update huya hay

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    Friends Forex trading kay software main hamaraypas indicators kayleya bohat zayada option hotahayhain is leya agar ham in ko use karna chain to ham use b kar saktay hain .

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    i think fractals is a indicator and we can good benefit from it if we use it in trading but you are telling that it gives sometimes fake information then i think if new trader use it then they can make a wrong trade with wrong information you are saying that sometimes it gives wrong information

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    Bhut achi tread hai mai nae apki har tread read krti ho thanx for information or mari ap se request hai es trha ki tread post kr diya hai to or mai to kosih krti ho ap ko follow kroo or es trha ki information new member kae liye bhut importent hai

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    The forex trading is a business that require hardworking to become successful. The luck can also contribute sometime but not all time. Therefore one should focus more on hardworking aside from relying on success and this forum is helping us as this forum is best

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    We have to choose a broker who has a reputation and financial health. And then we should have the money back up. Then the PC crashes, then we must prepare the equipment back up. So when there is damage to one PC, we still could use another PC. Then do the repair on the PC. I did not experienced many problems with the PC

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    This is a normal thing to experience if your broker has no warranty against it. Internet connection can be unstable in many countries, so the broker politicy about it must to cover all possibilities.

  11. <a href="https://www.instaforex.com/company_news">Forex Spain</a>
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    in trading should we be preparing for all possibilities that could happen, it is important in trading.
    we must prepare for a healthy co mputer and have no problems, so we are not impaired at the time trading.
    and do not forget to back up any important data you have, on the other drive.

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