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تھریڈ: What are the common problems of diaphragm pump?

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    Post What are the common problems of diaphragm pump?

    In essence, pneumatic diaphragm pump belongs to embolic pump, also known as control pump. There are four main combinations of it, which you can choose according to your personal needs.
    Low flow
    When you are faced with the problem of small flow of QBY pneumatic diaphragm pump, it is suggested that you consider these factors. First, check whether the inlet and outlet check valves of the diaphragm pump have been slightly worn. If the wear is serious, you must replace it in time. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the diaphragm pump. Moreover, we need to check whether the inlet and outlet check valves are stuck by large particles. If it is stuck by large particles, the diaphragm pump will encounter certain difficulties in the process of suction, and discharge will also be abnormal to a certain extent. After finding the cause, we must solve it immediately to prevent affecting the work process and causing damage to interests.
    There is no pressure at the outlet
    Why is there no pressure at the outlet of the diaphragm pump? First, check whether the silencer of the diaphragm pump is blocked. If there is blockage, there is no way to discharge a large amount of gas in the diaphragm pump in a short time. In this way, the pumping speed is seriously affected, the speed is greatly slowed down, and there will be no pressure at the inlet and outlet. Second, it is recommended to check the upper and lower covers of the valve to determine whether the valve cover has air leakage or damage due to the impact of the valve core. Third, I hope you can pay attention to the inside of the pump. There is a central shaft inside the pump, and the central shaft has four sealing rings. If these four sealing rings are damaged, there will also be no pressure at the outlet of the diaphragm pump.
    To sum up, this is the analysis of common problems of stainless steel diaphragm pump that Xiaobian will introduce to you today. In fact, to be honest, in addition to the above two problems, the diaphragm pump may sometimes not work.

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